About QS Monitor

QS Monitor is a web based platform that makes it easier to apply and receive any Certificate that might be required for Food Companies anywhere in the world.

Today, tracking which certification is required to export your product becomes more and more difficult to learn and comply. You will need to work with multiple services providers such as Laboratories, Inspectors and Certification companies. You need to know the regulation and understand its language. You might need to evaluate hundreds of pages of document and reports. Any mistake or wrong doing during Certification will cost you a significant sum. QS Monitor aims to become your solution platform for all your certification needs through its Certification partners and network of Accredited Laboratories and Inspectors all over the world.

You may apply for a Certificate of Conformity to basically export your food or get a Certificate that is required to sell your product such as Organic, Halal, Kosher, Fair Trade, Allergen Free, GMO Free etc.

We work with Governments, Authorities and International Agencies to issue Certificates and keep our team up to date with regulations, so you don’t need to.

Please drop an email for your queries to info@qsmonitor.com