Our clients requested and we have developed. They asked for a peace of mind while buying and selling their food products across the borders. We have developed an online platform which will make their life easier while they are making informed decisions prior to conducting their trade. QS Monitor is an up to date, cost efficient and around the clock food quality and conformity assurance solution platform. Your next food trade will be safer, easier and relaxed.

Message from the Managing Director

Global food and water trade has a complex structure due to various factors. The number of ingredients, different sources of food from various locations, storage conditions and being a living microorganism makes food open to vulnerabilities such as contamination, decay, growing dangerous bacteria and fungi for human consumption.

The biological advancements such as chemicals, preservatives, food additives and GMOs contribute the complexity to detect and understand the harmful from harmless substances in food and water. These advancements were necessary to increase the productivity and preserve precious food and water resources to increasing world population, however in the wrong hands these technologies could be harmful....

Increasing food prices was another important factor for adulteration, substitutes and sometimes authenticity. As a result, we see increasing number of food related deficiencies, malnutrition, diseases. The consumers as well as the food brands are overwhelmed with the amount of information and risks associated with the vast number of available foods to them. Governments are trying to cope with detecting the harmful, illegal and unsanitary food. It became inevitable to have a platform by using digital platforms to collect, analyze and develop algorithms to detect the good from the bad.

Our experienced team have been working through complex food and water supply chain for traders, retailers, restaurants, hotels wherever food is changing hands or consumed. It was the time for us to turn this experience to a machine-based system to understand the risks and create a preventive system for all. The journey is tough and long, and we know first step is to begin this journey. So now, we are working alongside with you to ensure your trade is safe.

H. Burak Karapinar
Founder and Managing Director

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