Traders, Retailers, Manufacturers

  • Easy access to accredited laboratories, inspectors, certification professionals (CABs) online all over the world
  • One click request to get a Test Report as per your needs (export destination, customer, certification requirement)
  • Online Quotation by the CABs and Standardized Service Level
  • Access to experts to guide you with regulation and processes
  • 24/7 Customer Care for all your questions regarding Test results and Certification process
  • QS Monitor ensures CABs follow certain guidelines and meets necessary requirements for our Customers

Laboratories, Inspectors, Certification Bodies

  • Access to job requests from customers for your services from all over the world: We work with governments and associations globally to bridge the gap between regulation requirement, evaluation criteria and the customers. So everyday we receive hundreds of requests from Traders, Retailers and Manufacturers to guide them for the right service when it comes to Testing, Inspection and Certification. QS Monitor constantly provides new business to its approved CABs in its network.
  • Become a part of high caliber CABs network across the world: QS Monitor team is constantly looking for new high caliber CABs across the world. It is constantly collecting information from all stakeholders about the CABs and ensure they meet the necessary criteria above and beyond Accreditation rules.
  • Clear and relevant job request from your customer: QS Monitor has more than 100,000 validated and approved testing methodologies and defined parameters that are derived from hundreds of databases and regulations all over the world. The customer tells us what they need and our system will tell them the required Tests, Inspections and documentation. Our experts are the bridge between the customers and CABs to translate their needs to the right Testing and documentation requirement.

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