AI-enabled food safety solutions

We offer highly effective and technologically advanced
food safety solutions

Food Safety services Provided by QS MONITOR

The food supply chain is complex and requires access to

audit, inspection, testing, and certification worldwide

Our growing network of accredited independent

laboratories, inspection and certification bodies serve

our clients in 60+ countries

Food Safety solutions we provide to our clients

QS Monitor offers customized product traceability and food safety solutions across the supply chain. Using IoT devices, machine learning algorithms, and data analysis, we monitor, track, trace, and ensure food safety across the different stages of the global supply chain.

We provide a wide range of local or international certifications that you can access anywhere in the world. We offer both predefined and customized certifications that fit your needs. Our certification services help you meet the requirements and get certified faster, easier, and cheaper.

Our platform provides supplier dashboards for buyers where they will be able to view our suppliers’ database with various filtering parameters and quality ratings.

Our custom-designed alert system uses multiple databases to analyze the risk of products and suppliers and helps in taking preventive actions before purchasing. 

At QS Monitor we understand that each business is unique, and we believe that one solution may not fix all problems. Therefore, we design and develop customized digital audit and inspection tools, also manage these solutions that fit your business’s particular needs. Our experts can develop, execute, and implement solutions that reduce loss and improve the utilization of resources.

We help you get recognized for quality and help you meet local & international standards, rules and regulations. 

What can you achieve with us?

Loss reduction & resource utilization
Worldwide access to customized inspection and certification
Local and international standards compliance
Tailored and customized solution

Manage risk Minimize loss ACROSS THE SUPPLY CHAIN

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