Sustainable water safety solutions

QS Monitor provides efficient, eco-friendly solutions to
to treat water and minimize LOSS

Water Safety services Provided by QS MONITOR

Water is a limited resource and requires sustainable

utilization. Our solutions PROTECT THE INNER SURFACES

OF PIPES AND TANKS, Prevent corrosion and bio-fouling

in cooling towers, Minimize the threat of Legionella

Pneumophila bacteria and Treat water USING CHEMICAL Free

AND EASY TO INSTALL technologies

WAter Safety solutions we provide to our clients

Our product applications treat, recycle and minimize water consumption

We use Electrolysis technology to protect water pipes and tanks inner surfaces. This innovative method prevents corrosion. 


  • Rapid results: New corrosion accumulation is intercepted, and “ red water” formation ceases
  •  Versatile operation: Installation is possible in hot and cold water systems. It is effective in water tanks and all the pipes leading in and out of the system, whether they are galvanized, plastic or copper.
  • Prevention & Correction: ECP works to cure the effects of corrosion already present and prevents future damage.
  • Simple retrofit installation: Simple external connection to the existing water system required

This treatment prevents corrosion, scale, and bio-fouling in cooling towers using a comprehensive, effective, and chemical-free solution. 


  • It solves cooling tower operational problems stemming from algae, corrosion, and scaling.
  • It generates significant blowdown water savings.
  • It is cost-effective with a rapid return on investment. It reduces maintenance, shut downtime, and labour cost too.
  • It has very low life-cycle cost and electricity consumption.
  • Their chemical-free solution eliminates 100% of the cooling water chemical dosing.

Legionella Pneumophila (LPB) is present in HVAC systems, hot and cold water systems, cooling towers, evaporative condensers, pools, and spas. The LPB system is developed to minimize the presence and threat of this bacteria. It facilitates the automatic control of Legionella Pneumophila bacteria, generates CIO2 meeting the standard treatment requirements, and provides a comprehensive approach to Legionella prevention. This system has been tested and approved by leading Ministries of Health.


  • Effective in high temperatures.
  • Chemical-free, safe and ecological.
  • Reliable for uninterrupted ClO2 production.
  • Low operational and maintenance requirements.

The EEC/EEO systems are used without chemical additives or generating hazardous by-products to remove and separate contaminants from water and wastewater.


  • Effective for a broad range of impurities with the ability to target specific contaminants
  • Industrial grade: minimal attention and service required.
  • Chemical-free: no hazardous by-products are generated during the process, and no chemical additives are required.
  • Low Operating Cost: Operating costs can be dramatically reduced by smoother operations and elimination of reagent chemicals and polymer consumption.

What can you achieve with us?

Easy installation & low maintenance system
Loss reduction &
water utilization
Local and international standards compliance
Fully automated & low operational costs

Sustainable treatments minimizing water waste Chemical free ecologically Friendly reduce carbon footprint

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